After getting several messages over the last couple of months from people asking for information about past results, I have decided to host the old Feisbase Archive on this page for posterity!

The transfer of the results to this page was finished on 28-03-2022.

I do not have any results afer 29/02/2020.

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Turku Feis 202029/02/2020inSpiral Dance Company
Busto Feis 202009/02/2020Gens d’Ys – Accademia Danze Irlandesi


Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis 20193/11/2019Redmond School
Ramstein Feis 2019 (2) 12/10/2019 Sweeney McAvinchy
Ramstein Feis 2019 (1) 12/10/2019 Sweeney McAvinchy
Feile France 2019 13/07/2019 Doyle School
Munich Feis 2019 Open Championships 29/6/2019 Tir Na Nog
Munich Feis 2019 Grades 29/6/2019 Tir Na Nog
Prague Feis 2019 Championships 1/6/2019 McGahan Lees Acadamy
Prague Feis 2019 Grades 1/6/2019 McGahan Lees Acadamy
Milan Feis 2019 18/5/2019 Tara School
St Petersburg Feis Championships 2019 10/5/2019 Russia
St Petersburg Feis 2019 10/5/2019 Russia
Bratislava Easter Feis 2019 Championships 6/4/2019 Avalon Academy
Bratislava Easter Feis 2019 Grades 6/4/2019 Avalon Academy
Busto Feis 2019 10/2/2019 Gens d’Ys


Bratislava Feis 2018 08/12/2018 Avalon Academy
Ramstein Feis 2018 20/10/2018 Sweeney McAvincyy
Ramstein Feis 2018 open 20/10/2018 Sweeney McAvinchy
Helsinki Feis 2018 01/10/2018 InSpiral Dance Company
Feile France 2018 13/07/2018 Doyle School
Munich Feis 2018 25/06/2018 Tir Na Nog
Grids Munich Feis 2018 26/06/2018 Tir Na Nog
Prague Feis 2018 Championships 26/05/2018 McGahan Lees Academy
Prague Feis 2018 26/05/2018 McGahan Lees Academy
Milan Feis 2018 19/05/2018 Tara School
Saint Petersburg Feis 2018 05/05/2018 Russia
Saint Petersburg Feis 2018 Champions 05/05/2018 Russia
Kilkenny Feis 2018 21/04/2018 Kilkenny School
Busto Feis 2018 (1) 11/02/2018 Gens d’Ys
Busto Feis 2018 (2) 11/02/2018 Gens d’Ys
Antwerp 2018 27/01/2018 Eireann Dance Academy


Bratislava Christmas Feis 2017 Championships 03/12/2017Avalon Academy
Bratislava Christmas Feis 2017 Sunday 03/12/2017Avalon Academy
Bratislava Christmas Feis 2017 Saturday (revised) 02/12/2017Avalon Academy
Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis 2017 26/11/2017Redmond School
Helsinki Feis 2017 Results 01/10/2017inSpiral Irish Dance Company
Kilkenny Feis 2017 Results 23/09/2017Kilkenny School
Munich Feis 2017 Results 24/06/2017Tir Na Nog
Munich Feis 2017 Grids 24/06/2017Tir Na Nog
Prague Feis 2017 27/05/2017McGahan Lees Academy
Milan Feis Grid scores 2017 20/05/2017Tara School
Milan Feis 2017 20/05/2017Tara School
St Petersburg Feis 2017 (2) 07/05/2017Russia
St Petersburg Feis 2017 (1) 07/05/2017Russia
Bratislava Feis 2017 01/04/2017Avalon Academy
Bratislava Feis 2017 01/04/2017Avalon Academy
Hamburg Feis 2017 04/03/2017Gabriell School
Busta Feis 2017 11/02/2017Gens d’Ys
Antwerp Feis 2017 Championships 28/01/2017Eireann Dance Academy
Antwerp Feis 2017 28/01/2017Eireann Dance Academy


European Feis Grade Results 2016 19/11/2016RTME
Lisa Lubbe Feis 2016 06/11/2016Redmond School
Ramstein Feis 2016 23/09/2016Tir Na Nog
Munich Feis 2016 25/06/2016Tir Na Nog
Munich Feis 2016 25/06/2016Tir Na Nog
Prague Feis 2016 27/05/2016McGahan Lees Academy
Milan Feis 2016 Stage 2 21/05/2016Tara School
Milan Feis 2016 Stage 1 21/05/2016Tara School
St Petersburg Open Feis Championships 07/05/2016Russia
St Petersburg Open Feis Results 07/05/2016Russia
Kilkenny Feis 2016 05/3/2016Kilkenny School


Bratislava Christmas Feis Championships 05/12/2015Avalon Academy
Bratislava Christmas Feis 05/12/2015Avalon Academy
Lisa Lubbe Feis Results 8/11/2015Redmond School
Hamburg Feis Results 24/10/2015Gabriell School
Nordic Feis Results 16/10/2015NSID
Vienna Feis Results 10/10/2015Rafter School
Vienna Feis Grid scores 10/10/2015Rafter School
Berlin Feis Results 3/10/2015Jigs and Reels
Berlin Feis Trophies Results 3/10/2015Jigs and Reels
Munich Feis Feis 2015 corrections 26/06/2015Tir Na Nog
Munich Feis 2015 Grids 26/06/2015Tir Na Nog
Munich Feis 2015 26/06/2015Tir Na Nog
Milan Feis 2015 06/06/2015Tara School
Prague Feis 2015 Feis Results30-05-2015
Prague Feis 2015 Grids Feis Grids30-05-2015
Saint-Petersburg Feis 2015 open results 09/05/2015Russia
Saint-Petersburg Feis 2015 results 09/05/2015Russia
ISTA Feis 2015 results 18/04/2015ISTA School
ISTA Feis 2015 grids 18/04/2015ISTA School
Kilkenny Feis 2015 21/03/2015Kilkenny School
Stuttgart Feis 2015 28/02/2015Halpin School / Rince Cara
Antwerp Feis 2015 24/01/2015Eireann Dance Acadaemy


Christmas Feis grades 06/12/2014Avalon Academy
Christmas Feis championships 06/12/2014Avalon Academy
European Championships 22/11/2014RTME
RTME Feis Grade results 22/11/2014RTME
Rammstein Feis 2014 (open results) 31/10/2014Tir Na Nog
Rammstein Feis 2014 (non-open results) 31/10/2014Tir Na Nog
Vienna Feis 2014 11/10/2014Rafter School
Vienna Feis 2014 (grids) 11/10/2014Rafter School
Berlin Feis 2014 04/10/2014Jigs & Reels
Munich Feis 2014 21/06/2014Tir Na Nog
Milan Feis 2014 29/05/2014Tara School
Saint-Petersburg Open Feis 10/05/2014Sweeney-McAvinchey Russia
Prague Feis 2014 24/05/2014Delaney Academy
Kilkenny Feis 2014 05/04/2014Kilkenny School of Irish Dance
Stuttgart Feis 2014 Championships 28/02/2014Halpin School/Rince Cara
Stuttgart Feis 2014 28/02/2014Halpin School/Rince Cara
Ural Open Feis 21/02/2014Carey Academy


Saint-Petersburg Open Feis December 2013 7/12/2013Mirkwood School of ID
Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis 2013 3/11/2013Redmond School
1st German Reunification Feis 2013 5/10/2013Jigs & Reels
Grid Scores Vienna 12/10/2013IDCV
Vienna Feis 2013 12/10/2013IDCV
Rammstein Feis 2013 14/09/2013Tir Na Nog
Munich Feis 2013 29/06/2013Tir Na Nog
Milan Feis 2013 15/06/2013Tara School
St Petersburg Feis 2013 11/05/2013Sweeney-McAvinchey St.Petersburg/Russia
Kilkenny Feis 2013 13/04/2013Kilkenny School
Stuttgart Feis 2013 03/03/2013Halpin School / Rince Cara
Stuttgart Feis 2013 Championships 03/03/2013Halpin School / Rince Cara
Hamburg Feis 2013 09/02/2013Gabriell School


European Championships (Salzburg) 10/11/2012RTME
RTME Feis (Salzburg) 10/11/2012RTME
Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis 2012 27/10/2012Redmond School
Vienna Feis 2012 Championships Results 13/10/2012Irish Dance Centre Vienna
Vienna Feis 2012 13/10/2012Irish Dance Centre Vienna
St Petersburg Feis 2012 19/05/2012Sweeney-McAvinchey Russia
Ramstein Feis 2012 22/09/2012Tir na Nog
Munich Feis 2012 19/06/2012Tir na Nog
Class Feis 2012 17/06/2012Redmond Schoole
Prague Feis 2012 26/05/2012Delaney Academy of Irish Dance
Milan Feis 2012 12/05/2012Tara School
ISTA Feis 2012 03/03/2012ISTA School
Stuttgart Feis 2012 03/03/2012Halpin School
Kilkenny Feis 2012 04/02/2012Kilkenny School


Oireachtas Qualifiers and Championships results 2011 19/11/2011RTME
RTME Feis 2011 19/11/2011RTME
Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis 2011 05/11/2011Redmond School
Vienna Feis 2011 01/10/2011Rafter School
Munich Feis 2011 25/06/2011Tir na Nog
Roma Feis 2011 04/06/2011Tara School
Prague Feis 2011 22/05/2011Delaney Academy of Irish Dance
Ufa Feis 2011 01/05/2011Ufa Rooney-iridan
Salzburg Feis 07/05/2011Anne-Marie Cunningham
St Petersburg Feis 01/05/2011Tir Na Nog Russia
Kilkenny Feis 2011 12/02/2011Kilkenny School of Irish Dance
Budapest Feis 2011 30/01/2011Blackbird School of Irish Dance


St Petersburg Feis 2010 11/12/2010Ronan Morgan School
Grid Scores – Oireachtas 2010 05/11/2010RTME
RTME Feis / Mainland Europe Championships 2010 05/11/2010RTME
Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis 2010 23/10/2010Redmond School
Vienna Feis 2010 16/10/2010Irish Dance Centre Vienna
Grid scores – Vienna Feis 2010 16/10/2009Irish Dance Centre Vienna
Moscow Feis 2010 25/09/2010Scoil rince Rooney-Iridan Moscow
Hamburg Feis 2010 25/09/2010Gabriell School
Munich Feis 2010 22/06/2010Tir Na Nog Germany
Class Feis 2010 19/06/2010Redmond School
Milan Feis 2010 12/06/2010Tara School
Prague Feis 2010 21/05/2010Delaney Academy of Irish Dance
Salzburg Feis 2010 01/05/2010Anne Marie Cunningham
ISTA Feis 2010 27/02/2010ISTA School
Feis-ke na Beilge 2010 27/02/2010Dubh Gall
Kilkenny Feis 2010 30/01/2010Kilkenny School
Budapest Feis 2010 23/01/2010Blackbird Irish Dance School
Grid scores – Budapest Feis 2010 23/01/2010Blackbird Irish Dance School


Oireachtas Rince na hEorpa and Feis Na hEorpa 2009 29/11/2009RTME
Grid scores – Oireachtas Rince na hEorpa and Feis Na hEorpa 2009 29/11/2009RTME
Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis Nov 2009 07/11/2009Redmond School
Vienna Feis 2009 17/10/2009Irish Dance Centre Vienna
Berlin Feis 2009 05/09/200Gabriell School
Munich Feis 2009 04/07/2009Tir na Nog Germany
Milan Feis 2009 05/06/2009Tara School
Prague Feis 2009 23/05/2009Delaney Academy of Irish Dance
Prague Feis 2009 – grade advancements 23/05/2009Delaney Academy of Irish Dance
St. Petersburg Feis 2009 08/05/2009Scoil rince Rooney-Iridan Moscow
Redmond Feis 2009 18/04/2009Redmond School
ISTA Feis 2009 07/03/2009ISTA School
Kilkenny Feis 2009 31/01/2009Kilkenny School


Grid scores – Oireachtas Rince na hEorpa and Feis Na hEorpa 2008 29/11/2008RTME
Oireachtas Rince na hEorpa and Feis Na hEorpa 2008 29/11/2008RTME
Vienna Feis 2008 11/10/2008Irish Dance Centre Vienna
Moscow Feis 2008 23/09/2008Rooney School
Munich Feis 2008 29/06/2008Tir Na Nog Germany
Class Feis 21/06/2008Redmond School
Milan Feis 31/05/2008Tara School
Salzburg Feis 03/05/2008Cunningham Dance Academy
ISTA Feis 01/03/2008ISTA school
Feis an Gheimhridh 2008 02/02/2008Kilkenny School


Oireachtas Rince na hEorpa and Feis Na hEorpa 2007 24/11/2007RTME
Lisa Lubbe Memorial Feis 2007 27/10/2007Redmond School
Vienna Feis 2007 29/09/2007Irish Dance Centre Vienna
Milan Feis Heavy and Light rounds of championships 09/06/2007Tara School
Milan Feis 09/06/2007Tara School
Salzburg Feis 05/05/2007Cunningham Dance Academy
Redmond Feis March 2007 31/03/2007Redmond School


Vienna Feis/Oireachtas 2006 (open championships / qualifyers ) 24/11/2006RTME
Vienna Feis/Oireachtas 2006 24/11/2006RTME
Redmond Feis 21/10/2006Redmond School
Munich Feis 01/07/2006Rince Tir Na Nog
Class Feis 27/05/2006Redmond School
Milan Feis 20/05/2006Bromley – Mineo – Taraschool
Salzburg Feis 01/04/2006Cunningham Dance Academy
Feis An Earraigh 11/03/2006Sean Talamh


Oireachtas Rince na hEorpa and Feis Na hEorpa 2005 03/12/2005RTME
Vienna Feis 26/09/2005Rafter School of Irish Dance
Munich Feis 2005 27/06/2005Rince Tir Na Nog
Feis an Earraigh 16/04/2005Gallagher School
Feis an Gheimhridh 2005 29/01/2005Kilkenny School


RTME Oireachtas 04/12/2004RTME
Redmond Feis 30/10/2004Redmond School